TOUR MEDIA: Full Video of CRICKETS @ Windup Space, City of Asylum Photos, etc

CRICKETS recently went on a mini-tour and boy-oh-boy did we have fun in the van. Well, we had a lot of fun at the shows too. It is hard to tour with a 6-piece band. The band themselves made it easier than it should have been—everyone was super awesome, easy to travel with, and complained an actual zero amount of times (OK maybe dinner was cold in Baltimore, but everyone still said nice things!). We only did two shows on this run. The first at City of Asylum in Pittsburgh (oh my god, GO THERE—awesome everything) and the second at my hometown venue of the Windup Space. I’ll keep the text in this post short, and allow the video and photos speak to it (plus a link to a post-show rundown by Mike Shanley who was so awesome to hang with after the CoA show). I’ll just say that this has me inspired to 1) write a second record for this band and 2) get us more shows, because they (we) are awesome. Too much? Nope nope nope.

FULL VIDEO: CRICKETS @ Windup Space (thanks Tom Kessler, you rule!):

Some photos from City of Asylum—please visit them if you are in the Pittsburgh area. They are doing incredible things.


And we all made a great friend in Mike Shanley, a writer in Pittsburgh and massive supporter of the arts and scene. He wrote about the show, and us hanging out after the show. He tells it better, so I’ll let that be the case. You can check it out on Mike’s blog here: Seeing Adam Hopkins…

Adam Hopkins